This Parish Community Project began in 2011 with an exhibition of old village photographs and memorabilia. Since then the response has been overwhelming and hundreds of photographs from family albums have been scanned, documenting over a century of life in High Ham, Low Ham, Henley and nearby hamlets. We are very grateful to everyone who has generously shared their family photographs. We have also interviewed many older residents and are building up a good collection of recorded memories. The archive continues to grow. Copies of most photographs are being lodged with the Somerset Heritage Centre and a copy of everything is also kept in the parish.

The parish boundary takes in the villages of High Ham, Low Ham and Henley and the hamlets of Paradise, Hamdown and some of Beer, on the Somerset Levels. There are some 400 households in this rural community, and many families have been in the area for generations. Both long-term residents and newcomers are interested in the history of the villages and the photographs, anecdotes and memorabilia have generated much interest, discussion and laughter.

The PCP has reprinted the Women’s Institute 1965 Scrapbook and co-ordinated and published our own community scrapbook of the parish in 2012. We have also compiled and published the book ‘A Somerset Parish 1895-1965: Memories of village life in High Ham, Low Ham and Henley’. Copies of these are still available. Members of the project are currently working on a leaflet with a map and information on landmarks and places of interest in the parish.This will be published in May 2016.

We hope you enjoy the pages on this web site. 

If you are interested in joining the project or have any queries or comments please get in touch.

Cider making at Hacky Crossman's
(Courtesy S. Sparks)

Working in the Parish of High Ham

Robert Charles Davis, groom to Mrs Carne-Hill, Ham Court 1920s